Rep. Scott Perry Says Biden Impeachment Vote Unlikely With Shrinking GOP House Majority


Rep. Scott Perry Says Biden Impeachment Vote Unlikely With Shrinking GOP House Majority


President Joe Biden’s family dog, Commander, is said to have bitten or attempted to bite members of the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) on at least 24 separate incidents at the White House and other locations, according to newly released documents from the USSS. The documents (pdf) were obtained by a journalist who published them after […]

The former president and his legal team argued that special counsel Jack Smith ‘lacks the authority’ to prosecute the case.


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History demonstrates that attempts to “cure” a problem by exceeding the federal government’s constitutional powers generally lead to more and worse problems.

The former president’s pick for a top RNC position shared her personal insights and inspired South Carolina campaign volunteers.

“The policy targets transportation operations that prey on vulnerable migrants and facilitate irregular migration around the world and to the United States.”

Drivers who deliver Wonder Bread argue that their wage dispute should remain in the court system.

‘It’s time Julian Assange was brought home,’ the prime minister said.

President Trump is widely expected to win the South Carolina GOP primary, but voter metrics may offer clues about future primaries and the general election.

‘He is forcing the American people and NATO members to be confronted with some very serious and important questions for us,’ the former congresswoman said.

China’s hacking program is more significant than that of every other major nation combined, the FBI director said.


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The automaker has refrained from disclosing the supplier’s origin.

‘President Trump has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to serving the American people with integrity and strength,’ chairman Bob Chou said.

A Supreme Court case could deal a blow to the special counsel in the 45th president’s federal election-related case