People lined up, sometimes enduring searing heat, to see the 45th president during his campaign sweep that hit three states in four days.

The rapper’s attorney has been ordered to spend the next 10 weekends locked up.

The AGT judge and music industry executive says his son changed the trajectory of his life amid the loss of his parents.

‘Enforcement against illegal e-cigarettes is a multi-pronged issue that necessitates a multi-pronged response,’ the FDA’s Brian King said.

President Trump’s bid to throw out a superseding indictment has been rejected, but the Florida judge agreed to strike one paragraph from the charging document.

Carlson made the announcement via his social media account on Monday.

‘Polls tell him in the swing states that a woman on the ticket helps him win,’ the South Dakota governor said.

Mr. DeSantis suspended state attorney Monique Worrell in 2023 for ‘neglecting her duty,’ and she challenged his authority to do so.

The president’s statement comes as his son faces three felony charges for a firearm purchase in October 2018.

Funds from the Great Opportunity PAC will be spent in order to sway lower propensity minority voters in key swing states to shift over to the GOP.

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  • 06/06/2024

Senator John Kennedy was astounded by the FBI’s complete lack of interest in pursuing the clients of Jeffrey Epstein.