Tim Scott PAC to spend $14 MILLION on minority voter outreach

Tim Scott PAC to spend $14 MILLION on minority voter outreach

A super PAC affiliated with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) started an initiative on Thursday in which it will be spending $14 million to do outreach to minority voters with the goal of expanding the coalition of GOP voters of color. Scott has been floated as a potential vice-presidential pick by Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 election.  

The Great Opportunity PAC, which started right after Scott ended his presidential bid, has committed to spending $14 million in the months leading up to election day in order to bring a broader coalition into the GOP voter base. Funds from the PAC will be spent in order to sway lower propensity minority voters in key swing states to shift over to the GOP. Much polling in recent months has had Trump gaining support among minority populations, with black voter support more than doubling, per CNN averages.  

Scott is facing the task of shifting the vote of the black population in many of the swing states, which has leaned heavily Democrat over the years. However, there have been polls suggesting that black and other voters of color are shifting over to the GOP as Biden has been in the White House.  

“I think there’s been seed in the soil that’s been germinating,” Scott told Politico. “Now the question is, are there laborers available to take advantage of the harvest?” 

Great Opportunity PAC isn't planning on spending the money on a traditional field office campaign, but more so making commitments to do a mix of voter contacting programs as well as surveys, data analytics, and paid media. Despite doubts from other political operatives within the party, Scott believes the plan to reach out to the voter block can work leading into November.  

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